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David Price OBE

Lead for Culture

David’s big on getting folks to think radically differently about organisational development. He’s written two best-selling books on it: The Power Of Us: How We Connect, Act & Innovate Together and before that, OPEN: How We’ll Work, Live & Learn In The Future. So, it’s not surprising that he’s in demand all around the world speaking, writing, teaching, advising and running workshops for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, education institutions as well as leading not-for-profits and cooperatives.
David also has strong links with two of our partner organisations: sparks and honey and a featured author with Wot The Book

Alison Tansey

Lead for Creativity

Ali is an experienced business operator with a really cracking knowledge of leadership development and Learning. She honed her craft working with industry giants like Sainsbury’s and Virgin Active over nearly two decades.
She’s currently Co-founder and Managing director of the highly successful L&D/ HR search site Simply Brilliance.
She’s a mentor, coach and consultant and a psychology and cognitive-processing geek.

Alex Bell

Lead for Engagement

Alex has clocked up 2,500 hours of leadership coaching and gets called in for vision to strategy consultancy by government agencies, education institutions and not-for-profits all over the world. His thing is building coaching-based organisational development programmes for top organisations on and offline globally. He’s also co-founder of several global youth agency and social justice non-profits, cited by UNESCO and the OECD and has been named as one of the top 100 education innovators globally in 2020 and 2021.

Jamie Smith

Lead for Revenue

Jamie is the go-to person for thousands of tech clients in 30 countries. As Executive Chair of leading Google Premier Partner-C-Learning, and Director of Delling Cloud he loves letting tech make organisational development smooth and human-centred. He’s co-founder of technology start ups, author of “Making Money from Stocks and Shares” and a regular feature writer, blogger, conference & TEDx speaker called upon for his thought-leadership on tech, education, sustainability and community-powered innovation. Jamie is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Leanne Hamley

Lead for Relationships

Leanne is an experienced leader and business coach specializing in behavioural change, leadership development and organizational culture. Having worked across multiple sectors, industries and countries, she understands what makes people and organizations thrive. She is the founder of Culture Creator, a business designed to help organisations create authentic cultures that put the wellbeing of their people at the heart of the business and where values have real meaning and purpose. Leanne who is a total book geek also recently co-founded ‘Wot the Book!’ – a podcast series and full membership subscription for personal and leadership development.

Neil King

Lead for Digital Solutions

Neil has been a well-respected software engineer and active player in the IT industry for decades. He specialises in building bespoke online/web applications and stand-alone software. His work includes applications created for multiple global sectors including education, automotive, child safety, medical and gaming. He has built himself an enviable reputation in the industry for problem solving and bridging both creative and technical skills. 20+ years of experience across sectors also means he can explain complex, technical insights and innovations in clear and impactful ways that everyone actually understands.

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